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[Boutique Hotel In Korea] The finest boutique hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

Finest Boutique Hotel in Seoul, South Korea

Sam Song Jae


The Hanok, Sam Song Jae, is a sensual work from the rising designer Yang, TaeHo. The charm value of this residence is a blend of western interior style with 100 years old Korean traditional house Hanok. Along with the beauty of Sam Song Jae you can experience high-end service by house manager.

Single Room



Sam Song Jae’s Single Room has very cosy interior. Comfortable single size bed and well arranged furnishings will make your stay unique. Also big sliding window and a door give you an open view of the garden and neighbourhood. 

Double Room



The hanok structure of Sam Song Jae’s double room is decorated with colourful oriental painting. The room is surrounded with large windows with oriental window frames. Guests can experience Korean style of accommodation and vibe during their stay. 

Master Bed Room



The Master Bed Room of Sam Song Jae is the largest room in the house. Not like single or double rooms, Master Bed Room has private living room where you can relax. Large living room and bed room will provide comfort and unique stay at Sam Song Jae.

Reservation INFO


SamSongJae Reservation

Website: www.kozaza.com/page/samsongjae

Email: sezicha86@gmail.com / sezicha@kozaza.com

TEL: 0082 2 1544 – 5665


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