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[Boutique Hotel In Korea] The finest boutique hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

Finest Boutique Hotel in Seoul, South Korea

Sam Song Jae


The Hanok, Sam Song Jae, is a sensual work from the rising designer Yang, TaeHo. The charm value of this residence is a blend of western interior style with 100 years old Korean traditional house Hanok. Along with the beauty of Sam Song Jae you can experience high-end service by house manager.

Single Room



Sam Song Jae’s Single Room has very cosy interior. Comfortable single size bed and well arranged furnishings will make your stay unique. Also big sliding window and a door give you an open view of the garden and neighbourhood. 

Double Room



The hanok structure of Sam Song Jae’s double room is decorated with colourful oriental painting. The room is surrounded with large windows with oriental window frames. Guests can experience Korean style of accommodation and vibe during their stay. 

Master Bed Room



The Master Bed Room of Sam Song Jae is the largest room in the house. Not like single or double rooms, Master Bed Room has private living room where you can relax. Large living room and bed room will provide comfort and unique stay at Sam Song Jae.

Reservation INFO


SamSongJae Reservation

Website: www.kozaza.com/page/samsongjae

Email: sezicha86@gmail.com / sezicha@kozaza.com

TEL: 0082 2 1544 – 5665

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[Korean Court Food] The Luxurious and Best Court Food Restaurant In Seoul Korea.

The Korean Court Food has long good history of 5,000 years. While keeping the  traditional recipe and method,

the long history of the court food made the dish to become more stylish, popular to public and tourists.

Here are the best court food restaurants in Seoul, Korea

 1. Ji Wha Ja






Seoul Jongro Gu, Samil Dero 461, Un Hyn Kung SK HUB Plaza, Block 201dong, 1st floor

Opening/Closing Time

Lunch: 11:30 ~ 15:00

Dinner: 17:30 ~ 22:00

Home Page


Accommodation Near Restaurant


2. Bong Rae Hun




818023_image2_1 (1)


Seoul, Gang Su Gu, Banghwadero 94

Opening/Closing Time

Lunch: 12:00 ~ 15:00

Dinner: 18:00 ~ 22:00

Home Page


Accommodation Near Restaurant


3. Sam Chung Gak

                                                   10014190_700641416698566_5770413136362224508_o (1)





Seoul, Sungbukgu, DaeSaGwanRo 3

Opening/Closing Time

1o:00 ~ 22:00

Home Page


Accommodation Near Restaurant


4. Suk Pa Ran






Seoul, JongRoGu, JaHaMoonRo 309

Opening/Closing Time

Lunch: 12:00 ~ 15:00

Dinner: 18:00 ~ 22:00

Home Page


Accommodation Near Restaurant


5. Soo Lee Muyae





Gyung Buk, Guyng Ju Si, NeNamMyun PoSukRo 110-32

Opening/Closing Time

12:00 ~ 21:00

Home Page


Accommodation Near Restaurant


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A night in a traditional Hanok home, full of warmth, hospitality

www.Korea.net wrote an article about Korean Hanok Tteulanchae.


Read the Article

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Amid the forest of high rises in downtown Seoul, there is a chic quarter of traditional Hanok houses, creating a stark contrast between tradition and modernity. 

It’s the Bukchon Hanok Village, located in Jongno-gu. Travelers who hit the neighborhood as part of their itinerary can do more than simply appreciate the iconic traditional structures. They can also stay at one of those Hanok homes to find out what living in such an old-fashioned residence is all about. 

Lodging at a Hanok allows you to take a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life and it is a quiet place to heal the wounds of both the mind and the spirit. Guests are welcomed by a hospitable host and huddle together with other travelers to share their own life stories. 


01 04 03 02

(The source of the news: KOREA.NET)

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[Korean Luxurious House] ‘Chung Song Je’ is amazing Hanok(Korean traditional house) in Seoul, Korea!!

The Traditional Korean House ‘Chung Song Je’

Chung Song Je is one of the luxurious Hanok in Korea. The best attraction of Chung Sung Je is that, it has reversal beauty in the house. From the out side, Chung Song Je looks same as any other Hanoks in Korea. But when you look inside, the interior is amazingly done and the house is fulfilled with the modern condition. Korea ex-president Lee, Myung Park and chairman of Google Eric Schmidt have visited ‘Chung Song Je’ and left very positive comments.



Living Room


Tea Room


Desk in the entrance


Tea Room2




Dinning Room


Bed Room


Look Around ‘Chung Song Je’

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[Whole Apartment Rent] Whole apartment is rentable in Seoul, Korea! For a cheap price!

Whole Apartment Rent In Korea

Sometimes, when you are traveling in low budget, you feel like to have an accommodation which is private and cheap. Wishing to stay-in in a big private room with every thing inside, comfortable living room, cosy bed and clean bathroom. Well, you can rent the amazing accommodation deal in Seoul, Korea. PyungChon Guesthouse will make your travel delight. The guesthouse is located near Pyungchon Station, Seoul, Korea.

Bed Table


Dinning Table


Little Desk In Living Room


TV Couch


Amazing Living Room


Cosy Bed


PyungChon Guesthouse is only renting the whole apartment. There are 4 types of apartments. 3 of three bed room apartments and 1 of two bed room apartment.

See More Room

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[Best Guesthouses In Seoul, Korea] Traveler picks 10 cosy and decent price guesthouses!

“10 recommandable Guesthouses in Seoul Korea!”

I have traveled around in many different countries and most of the time I have stayed in guesthouses. Based on my experience traveling is fun thing to  do, it delivers the pleasure of freedom and discovery. But when it comes to a selection of accommodation, it was not always fun. There were many great guesthouses but I did not know which guesthouse to stay-in, it was a big challenge for myself as low budget traveler. Lack of information and false comments had deceived my decision. So, for those who are planning a low budget travel or backpack trip with your friends to Korea, I can be helpful and recommend a clean, cosy, honest and decent price guesthouses in Seoul, Korea.

Big John’s Plcace



Big John’s Place is located in GanngNam, Seoul, Korea. It is big scale guesthouse with 3 double room, 2 dormitory room and 1 family room. And if you make a reservation now you can get 20% discount!

Hong Dae Guesthouse



Hong Dae Guesthouse is located in Hong Dae, Seoul, Korea. Hong Dae is the main art street in Seoul. Street is also well know for shopping, 24hours open bars and clubs. Hong Dae Guesthouse has 1 two bed accommodation, 1 three bed accommodation, 1 four bed accommodation and 1 five bed accommodation. If you book now you can get 15% discount on your accommodation!

K Hostel



K Hostel is located in JongRo, Seoul, Korea. JongRo is center of Seoul and public transportation is very convenient. K Hostel has 1 family Room, 1 four-bed accommodation, 1 triple room, 1 twin room, 1 double room and 1 female dormitory room. If you book now you can get 15%of on your accommodation fee!

MaMa Guesthouse



MaMa Guesthouse is located in JongRo, Seoul, Korea. MaMa Guesthouse is a big scale guesthouse in Seoul. MaMa Guesthouse has 2 single rooms, 2 twin Rooms,  1 triple room and 1 family room. MaMa Guesthouse has big open terrace where guests can relax and enjoy the Seoul View. If you make the reservation now you can get 35% discount on a accommodation!

May Guesthouse



May Guesthouse is located in MaPo, Seoul, South Korea. The public transportation in MaPo is very convenient also the place is close to all the main district in Seoul. May guest house has 1 dormitory room for male, 2 double room, 2 female dormitory room and 1 single room. May guesthouse is now offering 30% discount!

Tae-Beob Kim Guesthouse



Tae-Beob Kim Guesthouse is only for Female. Tea-Beob Kim Guesthouse is located in GangNam, Seoul, Korea. The guest has really nice interior and the house is brand new. The guesthouse has 3 single rooms and 1 twin room. If you reserve now you can get 10% discount on the accommodation. 

The White House Guesthouse


The White House Guesthouse is located in JongRo. Seoul, Korea. It is big scale guesthouse with amazing view and interior. The White House Guesthouse has 2 dormitory rooms. The guesthouse is now offering 20% discount on a accommodation fee!

Ultari Guesthouse



Ultari guesthouse is smaller scale than other guesthouses above. But the service and the hosts’ kind care is well known among the travelers. Ultari Guesthouse is now giving 15% discount on a accommodation!

Wonnie’s Guesthouse

Wonnie's Guest House 6

Wonnie's Guest House 5

Wonnie's Hows Twin Room

Wonnie’s Guesthouse is Located in MaPo, Seoul, Korea. the location of Wonnie’s Guesthouse is very convenient for public transportation. Wonnie’s Guesthouse is very clean and has very modernized interior facilities. Wonnie’s Guesthouse has 1 single room, 1 twin room, 1 family room and 1 dormitory room. Wonnie’s Guesthouse is now offering 20% discount on accommodation!

     Wow Hills Guesthouse



Wow Hills Guesthouse is located in MaPo, Seoul, Korea. Wow Hills Guesthouse is in very comfortable location for travelers, convenient public transportation and close to main districts. Wow Hills Guesthouse has 1 single room, 1 double room, 2 family room and 2 dormitory room. Wow Hills Guesthouse is now offering 15% discount on a accommodation fee.

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[Skiing in Korea] Korea Best Ski Resorts With Full Leisure Facilities!

YongPyung Resort


YongPyung Ski Resort is the first modern Skiing facilities in Korea. YongPyung Ski Resort was introduce /open in 1975 at Taebeak Mountain, South Korea. The weather condition during the winter in the region attracts many winter sports fans in Korea. In November to April, the temperature of the region keeps 6 ~ 2 ˚c and snows about 250cm in annual average. Also the additional facilities are well structured in the resort, such as indoor swimming pool, sauna, bowling, fitness, shooting range (for golf), out door camping sites, golf field, mountain bike, paintball field and tennis for all year. The region also has many tourist sites for traveler to sightseeing.

High 1 Resort

스크린샷 2015-01-05 오전 9.45.08

The High 1 Resort is located in Baek-Oon Mountain and it is one of the latest skiing resort in Korea. High 1 Resort facilitates Skiing slopes, golf field and Casino, it is the large scale recreational facilities in Korea. Also the main attraction of the High 1 Resort is that the resort has 4.2km long slope for beginners, 18 different slopes, 3 gondolas and 7 lifts that excites the winter sports fans.

Phoenix Park

스크린샷 2015-01-05 오전 11.12.37

The Phoenix Park is located in TeaGi mountain, Korea. Phoenix Park is also one of the large scale recreational facilities in Korea. It facilitates various indoor and out door leisure facilities including shopping mall. The ski slopes in the Phoenix Park are also excellent, 12 different slopes will provide the skiers the great mountain view and 9 lift and 1 gondola will help your continues fun ski riding.

Vivaldi Park

스크린샷 2015-01-05 오전 11.46.55

Vivaldi Park is the second closest ski resort from Seoul, Vivaldi Park is also well know for swimming park called Ocean World. Vivaldi Park operates Ocean World during the winter, so tourists can enjoy skiing and indoor swimming in warm water at Ocean World. Vivaldi Park has great leisure facilities where tourists can enjoy them selfs off the snow. Vivaldi Park has 13 slopes with different levels of incline hills, the slopes are best for those who are beginner.

Konjiam Resort

스크린샷 2015-01-05 오후 12.16.16

Konjiam Resort is the closest ski resort from GangNam, Seoul, Korea. It takes only 40 minutes by car and transportation is very convenient. Konjiam Resort is well known for luxurious spa (destination spa). The spa at Konjiam  is cooperated with W Hotel Group. It is the one of the most elegant spa in Korea. The scale of the ski resort is smaller than other ski resorts above but the slopes are pretty decent and the biggest advantage of Konjiam Ski Resort is that it is very close to Seoul. For that close distance from seoul, Konjiam is highly recommendable for quick trip.

Alpensia Resort

스크린샷 2015-01-05 오후 2.17.54

The word Alpensia is compound of three words and it carries special meaning. The word ‘Alpensia‘ is formed with three different words, first ‘Alpen’ means ‘Alps’ in German, second ‘Asia’ means the continent and last ‘Fantasia’ means fantastic. If you put all three words together you can pronounce it as Alpensia which means fantastic Alps in Asia. Like the name of the resort, the location has perfect view of the nature. The resort also has many different leisure facilities that visitors would enjoy.

Read More About Ski Resort

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[Travel to Korea] Korea number one theme park Everland’s winter festival! Great events and experience!

Everland Romantic Illumination Festival

2014,  November 14 ~ 2015,  March 1

Location: KyungGiDo, YoungIn, South Korea

During this amazing illumination festival,

you can enjoy listening to waltz with your favorite one while watching the colorful decoration lights surround you.

The festival in the theme park is divided into 4 areas,

“Chapter one”

chapter 1

“Chapter two”

chapter 2

“Chapter 3″

chapter 3

“Chapter 4″

chapter 4


Click here to read the article 

Click here to book your room in Korea

Well arranged chapters of this festival in Everland will deliver great experience to you and your favorite one!!

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[European Christmas Market] Seoul Metropolitan Government is organizing Christmas Market!

-Christmas Market Event-



The event will be placed at Seongbuk Global village Center.

During the event you can enjoy the real European Christmas Market vibe.

Also food & Beverages and treats from various European countries

will be prepared at the event.

More Information

- European Christmas Food
- European Christmas Decorations 
- Christmas Carol and European Popular Music Performances 
- Writing a letter to Santa Claus 
- Write a letter and put it in a mailbox
(receive Santa’s reply around Christmas)

- Tickets are sold for 1,000won by German school students 
- Various gifts are offered by European companies 
- Free tasting coupons offered by food booths 
- Free meal coupons offered by an Italian restaurant 
- European Christmas cecorations, etc.

Gingerbread House Auction
- A fairy tale cookie house is on auction
- Created and hosted by Grand Hilton Hotel

Looking for an accommodations during the event?

Select your high end apartments during your visit in Korea!

christmas accommodation

accomdation Chrsimas

Christmas accomodation

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[Kozaza & Korea Grand Sale] Offering accommodation discounts!

Korea Grand Sale 2015

Event for the Korea Grand Sale 2015

Kozaza & Korea Grand sale is now offering great accommodation discounts for 2015.      

- 10% discount for room

- 50% discount for service charge when booking


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Looking for a cultural trip??? Kozaza can help to create amazing experience at Korean traditional Hanoks. Hanoks are built with with Korean traditional pine trees, stones and mud. The natural materials that are used to build Hanok creates healthy energy for human body!



More than 40% of Korean population is Buddhism. Due to a large number of Buddhism, it is easy to find lots of great temples in Seoul City. It will be unique experience to stay a night at Temple with a calm vibe.



Kozaza only provides clean, safe and cosy accommodation for travelers to Seoul, Korea. Accommodations are not only a shelter for travelers. Kozaza accommodation creates enjoyable environment to travelers. Kozaza is in the service to share amazing memories and feeling with travelers during their stay in Seoul Korea.



Seoul, Korea is number 3 largest city in Asia. Due to a large city environment most of the accommodations are located in the high buildings, such as apartments. Create an opportunity to experience the concrete jungle of Seoul city! Watching over the city with quality accommodation!