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[Whole Apartment Rent] Whole apartment is rentable in Seoul, Korea! For a cheap price!

Whole Apartment Rent In Korea

Sometimes, when you are traveling in low budget, you feel like to have an accommodation which is private and cheap. Wishing to stay-in in a big private room with every thing inside, comfortable living room, cosy bed and clean bathroom. Well, you can rent the amazing accommodation deal in Seoul, Korea. PyungChon Guesthouse will make your travel delight. The guesthouse is located near Pyungchon Station, Seoul, Korea.

Bed Table


Dinning Table


Little Desk In Living Room


TV Couch


Amazing Living Room


Cosy Bed


PyungChon Guesthouse is only renting the whole apartment. There are 4 types of apartments. 3 of three bed room apartments and 1 of two bed room apartment.

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