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[Travel to Korea] Korea number one theme park Everland’s winter festival! Great events and experience!

Everland Romantic Illumination Festival

2014,  November 14 ~ 2015,  March 1

Location: KyungGiDo, YoungIn, South Korea

During this amazing illumination festival,

you can enjoy listening to waltz with your favorite one while watching the colorful decoration lights surround you.

The festival in the theme park is divided into 4 areas,

“Chapter one”

chapter 1

“Chapter two”

chapter 2

“Chapter 3″

chapter 3

“Chapter 4″

chapter 4


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Well arranged chapters of this festival in Everland will deliver great experience to you and your favorite one!!

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[European Christmas Market] Seoul Metropolitan Government is organizing Christmas Market!

-Christmas Market Event-



The event will be placed at Seongbuk Global village Center.

During the event you can enjoy the real European Christmas Market vibe.

Also food & Beverages and treats from various European countries

will be prepared at the event.

More Information

- European Christmas Food
- European Christmas Decorations 
- Christmas Carol and European Popular Music Performances 
- Writing a letter to Santa Claus 
- Write a letter and put it in a mailbox
(receive Santa’s reply around Christmas)

- Tickets are sold for 1,000won by German school students 
- Various gifts are offered by European companies 
- Free tasting coupons offered by food booths 
- Free meal coupons offered by an Italian restaurant 
- European Christmas cecorations, etc.

Gingerbread House Auction
- A fairy tale cookie house is on auction
- Created and hosted by Grand Hilton Hotel

Looking for an accommodations during the event?

Select your high end apartments during your visit in Korea!

christmas accommodation

accomdation Chrsimas

Christmas accomodation

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[Kozaza & Korea Grand Sale] Offering accommodation discounts!

Korea Grand Sale 2015

Event for the Korea Grand Sale 2015

Kozaza & Korea Grand sale is now offering great accommodation discounts for 2015.      

- 10% discount for room

- 50% discount for service charge when booking


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Looking for a cultural trip??? Kozaza can help to create amazing experience at Korean traditional Hanoks. Hanoks are built with with Korean traditional pine trees, stones and mud. The natural materials that are used to build Hanok creates healthy energy for human body!



More than 40% of Korean population is Buddhism. Due to a large number of Buddhism, it is easy to find lots of great temples in Seoul City. It will be unique experience to stay a night at Temple with a calm vibe.



Kozaza only provides clean, safe and cosy accommodation for travelers to Seoul, Korea. Accommodations are not only a shelter for travelers. Kozaza accommodation creates enjoyable environment to travelers. Kozaza is in the service to share amazing memories and feeling with travelers during their stay in Seoul Korea.



Seoul, Korea is number 3 largest city in Asia. Due to a large city environment most of the accommodations are located in the high buildings, such as apartments. Create an opportunity to experience the concrete jungle of Seoul city! Watching over the city with quality accommodation!