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[Best Guesthouses In Seoul, Korea] Traveler picks 10 cosy and decent price guesthouses!

“10 recommandable Guesthouses in Seoul Korea!”

I have traveled around in many different countries and most of the time I have stayed in guesthouses. Based on my experience traveling is fun thing to  do, it delivers the pleasure of freedom and discovery. But when it comes to a selection of accommodation, it was not always fun. There were many great guesthouses but I did not know which guesthouse to stay-in, it was a big challenge for myself as low budget traveler. Lack of information and false comments had deceived my decision. So, for those who are planning a low budget travel or backpack trip with your friends to Korea, I can be helpful and recommend a clean, cosy, honest and decent price guesthouses in Seoul, Korea.

Big John’s Plcace



Big John’s Place is located in GanngNam, Seoul, Korea. It is big scale guesthouse with 3 double room, 2 dormitory room and 1 family room. And if you make a reservation now you can get 20% discount!

Hong Dae Guesthouse



Hong Dae Guesthouse is located in Hong Dae, Seoul, Korea. Hong Dae is the main art street in Seoul. Street is also well know for shopping, 24hours open bars and clubs. Hong Dae Guesthouse has 1 two bed accommodation, 1 three bed accommodation, 1 four bed accommodation and 1 five bed accommodation. If you book now you can get 15% discount on your accommodation!

K Hostel



K Hostel is located in JongRo, Seoul, Korea. JongRo is center of Seoul and public transportation is very convenient. K Hostel has 1 family Room, 1 four-bed accommodation, 1 triple room, 1 twin room, 1 double room and 1 female dormitory room. If you book now you can get 15%of on your accommodation fee!

MaMa Guesthouse



MaMa Guesthouse is located in JongRo, Seoul, Korea. MaMa Guesthouse is a big scale guesthouse in Seoul. MaMa Guesthouse has 2 single rooms, 2 twin Rooms,  1 triple room and 1 family room. MaMa Guesthouse has big open terrace where guests can relax and enjoy the Seoul View. If you make the reservation now you can get 35% discount on a accommodation!

May Guesthouse



May Guesthouse is located in MaPo, Seoul, South Korea. The public transportation in MaPo is very convenient also the place is close to all the main district in Seoul. May guest house has 1 dormitory room for male, 2 double room, 2 female dormitory room and 1 single room. May guesthouse is now offering 30% discount!

Tae-Beob Kim Guesthouse



Tae-Beob Kim Guesthouse is only for Female. Tea-Beob Kim Guesthouse is located in GangNam, Seoul, Korea. The guest has really nice interior and the house is brand new. The guesthouse has 3 single rooms and 1 twin room. If you reserve now you can get 10% discount on the accommodation. 

The White House Guesthouse


The White House Guesthouse is located in JongRo. Seoul, Korea. It is big scale guesthouse with amazing view and interior. The White House Guesthouse has 2 dormitory rooms. The guesthouse is now offering 20% discount on a accommodation fee!

Ultari Guesthouse



Ultari guesthouse is smaller scale than other guesthouses above. But the service and the hosts’ kind care is well known among the travelers. Ultari Guesthouse is now giving 15% discount on a accommodation!

Wonnie’s Guesthouse

Wonnie's Guest House 6

Wonnie's Guest House 5

Wonnie's Hows Twin Room

Wonnie’s Guesthouse is Located in MaPo, Seoul, Korea. the location of Wonnie’s Guesthouse is very convenient for public transportation. Wonnie’s Guesthouse is very clean and has very modernized interior facilities. Wonnie’s Guesthouse has 1 single room, 1 twin room, 1 family room and 1 dormitory room. Wonnie’s Guesthouse is now offering 20% discount on accommodation!

     Wow Hills Guesthouse



Wow Hills Guesthouse is located in MaPo, Seoul, Korea. Wow Hills Guesthouse is in very comfortable location for travelers, convenient public transportation and close to main districts. Wow Hills Guesthouse has 1 single room, 1 double room, 2 family room and 2 dormitory room. Wow Hills Guesthouse is now offering 15% discount on a accommodation fee.

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