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[Skiing in Korea] Korea Best Ski Resorts With Full Leisure Facilities!

YongPyung Resort


YongPyung Ski Resort is the first modern Skiing facilities in Korea. YongPyung Ski Resort was introduce /open in 1975 at Taebeak Mountain, South Korea. The weather condition during the winter in the region attracts many winter sports fans in Korea. In November to April, the temperature of the region keeps 6 ~ 2 ˚c and snows about 250cm in annual average. Also the additional facilities are well structured in the resort, such as indoor swimming pool, sauna, bowling, fitness, shooting range (for golf), out door camping sites, golf field, mountain bike, paintball field and tennis for all year. The region also has many tourist sites for traveler to sightseeing.

High 1 Resort

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The High 1 Resort is located in Baek-Oon Mountain and it is one of the latest skiing resort in Korea. High 1 Resort facilitates Skiing slopes, golf field and Casino, it is the large scale recreational facilities in Korea. Also the main attraction of the High 1 Resort is that the resort has 4.2km long slope for beginners, 18 different slopes, 3 gondolas and 7 lifts that excites the winter sports fans.

Phoenix Park

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The Phoenix Park is located in TeaGi mountain, Korea. Phoenix Park is also one of the large scale recreational facilities in Korea. It facilitates various indoor and out door leisure facilities including shopping mall. The ski slopes in the Phoenix Park are also excellent, 12 different slopes will provide the skiers the great mountain view and 9 lift and 1 gondola will help your continues fun ski riding.

Vivaldi Park

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Vivaldi Park is the second closest ski resort from Seoul, Vivaldi Park is also well know for swimming park called Ocean World. Vivaldi Park operates Ocean World during the winter, so tourists can enjoy skiing and indoor swimming in warm water at Ocean World. Vivaldi Park has great leisure facilities where tourists can enjoy them selfs off the snow. Vivaldi Park has 13 slopes with different levels of incline hills, the slopes are best for those who are beginner.

Konjiam Resort

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Konjiam Resort is the closest ski resort from GangNam, Seoul, Korea. It takes only 40 minutes by car and transportation is very convenient. Konjiam Resort is well known for luxurious spa (destination spa). The spa at Konjiam  is cooperated with W Hotel Group. It is the one of the most elegant spa in Korea. The scale of the ski resort is smaller than other ski resorts above but the slopes are pretty decent and the biggest advantage of Konjiam Ski Resort is that it is very close to Seoul. For that close distance from seoul, Konjiam is highly recommendable for quick trip.

Alpensia Resort

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The word Alpensia is compound of three words and it carries special meaning. The word ‘Alpensia‘ is formed with three different words, first ‘Alpen’ means ‘Alps’ in German, second ‘Asia’ means the continent and last ‘Fantasia’ means fantastic. If you put all three words together you can pronounce it as Alpensia which means fantastic Alps in Asia. Like the name of the resort, the location has perfect view of the nature. The resort also has many different leisure facilities that visitors would enjoy.

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