Hanok Village

Gaepyong Maul – Gyeongnam Hamyang

Beautifull and Traditional Hanok Village in GyeongNam.
You can stay one of great Hanoks, Korean traditional houses, located in this old village.
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Gaepyong Maul - Gyeongnam Hamyang

Gaepyong Maul – Gyeongnam Hamyang



Gaepyong Maul - Gyeongnam Hamyang

Beautifull Hanok where you can stay in Gaepyong Maul



Gaepyong Maul - Experience Korean Traditional Culture

Gaepyong Maul – Experience Korean Traditional Culture


More information about Gaepyong Maul at http://www.kozaza.com/rooms/2000853

All list of Hanok Maul (Village) at http://www.kozaza.com/pages/special/hanokmaeul








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Comfortable Duplex Studio in Gangnam

kozaza1 kozaza2

Comfortable Duplex Studio is located at center of Gangnam.
The best location for shopping, food, culture, tour and business.

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Sunny Studio in Jongno

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This property is a cozy, bright and safe studio flat nestled in the heart of Seoul, very close to Insa-dong.
You will have your own self-contained space in a central location to rest and relax after a hard day of sightseeing.

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kozaza5 kozaza6

It is located in the Hongdae area.
The host travels the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Japan and all over the world.
Based on the experience, where you really be here, or to split the experience of travel.

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 Luxury House in Jongno

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This house was built in spacious grounds with a four-story house alone.
Couple Room located on the first floor.

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