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[kozaza stay] Cheongsongjae Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

The convergence of hanok’s tradition and modern design

Cheongsongjae is one of the most beautiful hanoks. The harmony of traditional and modern style and interior captivates the attention of visitors. It comprised of two hanoks connected into one, where famous architects have lived for generations. One hanok is used exclusively for guests. The other hanok is home to the owner, but the living room, kitchen, and projection room are shared with the guests. You can experience beautiful indoors and outdoors, as well as the best service provided by a professional manager. Furthermore, the meeting with the owner, who is an architect and interior design professional who is popular among celebrities, will be a memorable experience. This hanok is equipped with high-end furniture, interior accessories, tableware, and home appliances. One can watch movies at the basement movie theatre with the best sound system. Enjoy the unique blend of hanok’s tradition and modern lifestyle at Cheongsongjae.

Address: Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul




Room 1. Single Room

0304Price: $144 /per night

You can book Cheongsongjae Single Room HERE at kozaza



Room 2. Double Room+Living Room

0506Price: $289 /per night

You can book Cheongsongjae Double Room+Living Room HERE at kozaza



 Room 3. Twin Room+Tiny Garden

0708Price: $289 /per night

You can book Cheongsongjae Twin Room+Tiny Garden HERE at kozaza



 Room 4. 2 Rooms+Living Room


Price: $674 /per night

You can book Cheongsongjae 2 Room+Living Room HERE at kozaza




* Features

- A blend of hanok and modern art featuring the highest quality facilities and customer service (for VVIP)
- High-end furniture, appliances, and interior.
- Movie theatre at the basement(fee charged separately).
- Breakfast included.
- Talk about Art, Design and Architecture with the host, a master designer.

11▲ Kitchen

▲ Movie theatre





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