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[kozaza stay/Seoul] Guest House the hill @Myeongdong

Guest House the hill is closely located to the various tour attractions of Seoul, making it one the best accommodations to stay in, for both shoppers and travelers. Attractions such as Myeong-dong, Namdaemun market and N-Seoul Tower are all within short walking distance. It is easy to reach the famous royal palaces, and other popular tourist attractions, from Insadong to Dongdaemun market, by subway since the station is only a few minutes by foot from our guesthouse.

Guest House the hill offers a comfortable and high quality stay at an affordable price. We will do our best to ensure your stay is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. So, if you decide on a trip to Seoul, make your reservation TODAY!!

You can book Guest House the hill HERE at kozaza



- Amenities: Water purifier, Towel, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, High-speed internet access, Wi-Fi, Cable TV, Air conditioner, Washing machine, detergent, iron, Hair dryer, Microwave, refrigerator

- Breakfast: Free (bread, butter, jam, coffee, tea)

- Available Languages: Korean, English

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[kozaza picks] Seoul accommodation around the arboretum in Seoul

5th April is Arbor Day in Korea, so kozaza picks some accommodations around the arboretum in Seoul.


Core House @Gangnam

The Core House is the most ideal flat for a couple, but also very suitable for a family or up to 6 adults as a group looking to explore the affluent city in southern part of HAN River, not only for business oriented purpose (even SamSung HQ is located across the street), but also for its entertaining atmosphere like shopping, variety of food culture, club party, etc…..

You can book Core House HERE at kozaza




Citrus homestay @Dongdaemun

Citrus Homestay is filled with delicious fragrance if fresh yuzu. Kim, host of Citrus serves tea to all of her guests, fresh from Jeju Island, her hometown. She not only has prepared this traditional Korean tea to warm up her guests, but also prepared many activities to be engaged with great traditions of Korea. It is a great time to check out this sweet homestay while it is on promotional sale!


You can book citrus fragrance homestay HERE at kozaza




Guesthouse M&K House @Gangnam

Wanna taste real Gangnam style?! Perfect location in Gangnam, convenient room condition.

You can enjoy 100% room privacy since you don’t need to share your room with others or stay with host. (Kitchen and living room are shared as common space.)


You can book M&K House HERE at kozaza




Guesthouse the hill @Jung-gu

Guest House the hill is closely located to the various tour attractions of Seoul, making it one the best accommodations to stay in, for both shoppers and travelers. Attractions such as Myeong-dong, Namdaemun market and N-Seoul Tower are all within short walking distance. It is easy to reach the famous royal palaces, and other popular tourist attractions, from Insadong to Dongdaemun market, by subway since the station is only a few minutes by foot from the guesthouse.


You can book Guesthouse the hill HERE at kozaza


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[Visit Seoul] Seoul’s 140 Spring Flower Paths

Welcome to Seoul, Korea >>

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Take a Stroll Along Seoul’s 140 Spring Flower Paths!

Spring is finally here and what better time to take a stroll along some of “Seoul’s 140 Spring Flower Paths”!

Enjoy over 160 km of flower-filled roadside paths, riverside paths and paths in parks.





▲ Ttukseom Seoul Forest / World Cup Park


Perfect for a Spring Outing 1: Large Parks

For families and couples, the best places to go for a spring outing are the major parks located in Seoul. These parks are conveniently located near various means of transportation and offer various other activities to enjoy as well as food to snack on. Have a great time at parks such as North Seoul Dream Forest, Ttukseom Seoul Forest, and Sangam World Cup Park.


1. North Seoul Dream Forest

Yoshino Cherry trees line the main road in North Seoul Dream Forest, a gorgeous sight to see when they are in full bloom. The park also features thousands of colorful irises and wild flowers. It’s a great place to have a picnic as well. Have a great picnic lunch on the grass lawn while enjoying cultural performances.


2. Namsan (Mt.)

Namsan is covered with forsythias, azaleas and cherry blossoms. Try taking the cable car up to N Seoul Tower or stop by the traditional Hanok (Korean house) teahouse called Mongmyeok Sanbang. No matter which path you wander down to enjoy the beautiful spring flowers, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll also have a wonderful view that overlooks the city.


3. Ttukseom Seoul Forest

You can also find Yoshino cherry trees at Ttukseom Seoul Forest, but the interesting plants, flowers and insects that can be found in this park are the biggest draw here. The butterfly garden in particular is a must-see.


4. World Cup Park

World Cup Park is spread out over a massive area, and therefore features a wide variety of flowers. It’s made up of five smaller parks including Pyeonghwa (“Peace”) Park where you’ll find rapeseed flowers and poppies, and Noeul (“Sunset”) Park with its large forsythia blossoms, irises, rapeseed flowers. If you’d like to stay in the park overnight, Noeul Park offers camping equipment that can be rented out for use on the camping grounds.





▲ Seocho Azalea Ridge / Songpanaru Park / Hangang (River) Banpo Seoraeseom / Cheonggyecheon (Stream)


Perfect for a Spring Outing 2: Small Mountains and Parks in the City

Even though Seoul is a bustling city, there is a surprising amount of natural beauty amidst the chaos. The small mountains and parks located in the heart of the city make for a great spring outing. These places have great paths for taking a stroll and are usually surrounded by cultural spaces and restaurants. Among these, Naksan (Mt.), Seodaemun Ansan (Mt.) and Seokchon Lake (Songpanaru Park) are the most recommendable.


1. Naksan Park

Among the many walking trails in Naksan Park, the trail that goes along the edge of Seoul Seonggwak (Fortress Wall) is the prettiest in the spring when the forsythias are in full bloom. The scenic view of the city from Naksan (Mt.) is also very stunning, and weigela florida flowers can be seen in various parts of the park. The areas of Daehangno and Dongdaemun are nearby, great places to grab a bite to eat or catch a cultural performance.


2. Seodaemun Office

The road behind Seodaemun Office that leads to Ansan (Mt.) is a great place to go for a walk or a bike ride. The path is lined with lovely cherry blossom trees and in the spring, the base of the mountain is completely covered with white blossoms. You can also visit the Seodaemun Museum of Natural History located nearby.


3. Seokchon Lake

There are always many people exercising or going for a stroll at Seokchon Lake, but the lake is the most popular in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. The park also features about 300,000 irises and wild flowers that make for a breathtaking sight. Lotte World amusement park is also located nearby, a popular place among children.





▲ Walkerhill Road / Yunjung-no (Road) in Yeongdeungpo-gu


Scenic Drives

If you want to go for a scenic drive, the best roads for forsythias and azaleas would be Gamsawon-gil (Street) in Jongno-gu and Bukgak Skyway. For beautiful pink cherry blossoms, Jeungsan-no (Road) in Eunpyeong-gu, Gomdallae-gil (Street) in Gangseo-gu and Cherry Blossom Road in Geumcheon-gu are the most recommendable.


1. Samcheong Park & Waryong Park

The cherry blossoms in Samcheong Park and Waryong Park are spectacular. The 2-laned road that begins at the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea building and leads up to Waryong Park is the most beautiful flower tree-lined road in Seoul. The road has been expanded to include a new walking trail, great for those who would prefer to enjoy the sights without a car. The neighborhoods of Samcheong-dong and Gahoe-dong are nearby and are great places to go for cultural events. The restaurants of Seongbuk-dong are also worth going to.


2. Bugak Skyway

Bugak Skyway is the most beautiful driving route in Korea. Forsythias and azaleas flourish here, and with the neighborhoods of Seongbuk-dong, Buam-dong, and Sajik-dong nearby, it’s easy to catch a cultural performancance or grab a bite to eat afterwards.


3. Gwanghwamun Square & Seoul Plaza

You can also enjoy a nice drive along the road that connects Gwanghwamun Square and Seoul Plaza. Called Sejongno (Street), this road is lined with cherry blossoms, perennial flowers and tulips.





▲ Samcheong Park in Jongno / Jeungsan-no (Road) in Eunpyeong-gu / Uicheon (Stream) in Gangbuk / Danghyeoncheon-no (Road) in Nowon


Best Places to Go for Walking and Exercise

The flower paths along the Hangang (River) are the best places to go for a walk or exercise. Keep your body healthy and your mind at peace by visiting one of these paths.


1. Hangang (River)

The Hangang (River) is Seoul’s lifeline and it is also where you first see the signs of spring arriving in Seoul. The well-traveled bicycle paths and walking trails along the Hangang become colorfully adorned with rapeseed flowers and newly planted wild flowers. Needless to say a walk along the Hangang is a must in the spring.


2. Jungnangcheon (Stream)

Another great path is the trail along the Jungangcheon (Stream) which flows through the districts of Seongdong-gu, Gwanjin-gu, Jungnang-gu, Dongdaemun-gu, Seongbuk-gu, and Dobong-gu. Here you can see cherry blossom trees, rapeseed flowers, roses, irises and a variety of other colorful flowers.





▲ Hyangdong Arboretum in Guro / Sinteuri Park in Yangcheon / Eungbongsan (Mt.) in Seongdong / Cherry Blossom Road in Geumcheon


Places to See Exotic Flowers

Forsythias, cherry blossoms and azaleas are the most widely common spring flowers in Seoul, but here are some places where you can see some unconventional flowers.


1. Irises

The place where the most irises can be found is the Seoul Iris Garden which features 300,000 plants over 52,417 square meters. As the name of the park suggests, a big part of the park is dedicated to irises, a total 130 different species to be exact. In addition to irises, the garden features wetlands flora, various medicinal plants and more.


2. Chinese Fringetree

You can see Chinese Fringetree blossoms along Cheonggyecheon-ro (Road) in downtown Seoul, Sadang-ro (Road in Dongjak-gu and Rodeo Street in Songpa-gu. Many Korean believe that these white flowers resemble puffs of cooked rice.


3. Wildflowers

You can see different types of wildflowers and herb plants at Sinteri Park in Yangcheon-gu, the Achasan (Mt.) pedestrian walkway in Gwangjin-gu, and the Herb Garden in Gangdong-gu.


4. Pear Blossoms

The best place to go to see pear blossoms would be the Jungnang-gu Weekend Farm which features 10,000 square meters of pear blossoms.


5. Roses

You can see roses at the rose garden near Seoul National University at the base of Gwanaksan (Mt.).


6. Herbs

The Herb Astronomy Park near Iljasan (Mt.) in Gangdong-gu features about 120 different varieties of herbs.




Spring Flower Festivals

If you want to enjoy a spring flower festival, head over to the Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, which takes place on April 12 – 18 this year.


1. Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

The annual Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival is held with over 1600 cherry trees from Jeju origin will bloom, along with more than 90,000 flowers that will delight the senses.

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[kozaza stay/seoul] Namhyundang Hanokstay

Namhyundang is conveniently located in the neighborhood of Gyeongun-dong, right across from the traditional neighborhood of Insadong, in the center of the city. Originally an old hanok (traditional Korean house) stretching back to 100-odd years ago, Namhyeondang underwent a massive renovation in 2011 and reinvented itself as a guest house with rich cultural vibes and a cozy and tranquil atmosphere. Namhyundang is situated adjacent to Kyodong Elementary School, between Nakwon Arcade and Unhyeongung (Palace). As soon as you step into the gate, a spacious courtyard greets you with such a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that makes you feel like time is standing still.


You can book Namhyundang HERE at kozaza