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Bukchon Hanok Village Filled with Korea Tradition and Culture

Bukchon Hanok Village Filled with Korea tradition and culture

List of Hanoksatys at Bukchon

Kundaemunjib, with its 70 year-old tradition, cited in the center of Seoul offers a very special place for those who need to take time off from their routine lives.

Mumum, designed by a renowned craftsman, showing off its refined presence,provides homey and calm layover for anyone burned out from daily lives.
Feel joy and excitement at Soriwool full of music every time.Experience various selection of Korean traditional instruments


Bukchon scenery #1: Panoramic view of Changdeok palace
Panoramic view of Changdoek palace seen from beyond stone walls. Walking out from the Bukchon Cultural Center and climbing up Bukchon hill, you will see the beautiful scenery of Changdeok palace.
Blacksmith’s wood-fired pizza restaurant
An Italian oven made from yellow clay to bake pizzas. Taste the wood-fired pizza baked the moment you order.
Calligraphy Experience
Oriental scent of black ink and ink stone. The soft touch of a brush on drawing paper. Enjoy the beauty of letters.
Rice cake cafe Jilsiru is a beautiful place with a friendly atmosphere where one can enjoy Korean rice cake and tea.
Hansik – Make traditional Korean food
Make and enjoy foods that represent Korea! Kimchi, Bulgogi, Japchae, Ddukbokgi (rice cake dish), Bibimbap, and pepper paste.
Bukchon scenery #2 : Wonseo-dong Gongbang-gil
At the end of Changdeok palace stone walls, you will see traces of those who worked for the Royal House.


북촌 관광안내도 Trourist Map of BUKCHON ]
Hanokstay Theme 10 at Bukchon ] [ Hanokstay Luxury 5 at Bukchon ]



List of Hanoksatys at Bukchon


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