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[kozaza stay] Charm House Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Enjoy the neat, minimalistic yet comfortable home. You can relax and feel at home while staying at Charm House. Enjoy the therapeutic feeling of Bukchon Hanok Village. Come to Charm House to escape the fast, busy city life. Our neighborhood is over 80 years old is very traditionally preserved. We are a couple with 2 rooms available for you to stay at. Our rooms are named the Sun and the Moon! We can house 2 families at the same time. We want you enjoy the atmosphere of the Hanok. Take time to relax and have new cultural experiences. Enjoy both the traditional and modern way of life. Warm, homemade breakfast and coffee will be served in the morning. If you want to change the menu, please tell us. We also have a fridge for you to use. You can also meet our very cute and friendly dachschund, Zeke! He loves all our guests!


Charm House


Charm House


Room that Embraced the Moon (Bed Room)


Room that Embraced the Sun (Ondol Room)


dachschund Zeke

You can book Charm House HERE at kozaza




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