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[House in Korea] KIM’s BNB @Jongno, Seoul

Kim’s BNB is located in Seochon, next to Bukchon, it is very close to Gyeongbokgung. There are 4 people (host’s family) in the house and a cute cat. You can experience a traditional tea ceremony in Kim’s BNB!

Seochon, West village, is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Jongno-gu, Seoul, traditionally associated with Joseon era and Korean literature.




living room


living room


bed room

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[SBA&kozaza] Hanokstays for businessmen


Seoul Business Agency(SBA) is a public organization established to promote Seoul Companies and their innovative products.
SBA is fully sponsored by and strongly affiliated with the Seoul Metropolitan Government of Seoul(Korea’s capital)

Tired of staying at ordinary hotels?
Are you still staying at ordinary hotels while traveling in Korea?
Now feel Korean tradition and life style at ‘Hanok’, Korean traditional house. ‘Hanokstay’ will give you unique memories.

Morea about Hanokstay>



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[kozaza picks] Seoul accommodations with Chinese-speaking hosts


kozaza picks Seoul accommodations with Chinese-speaking hosts.

You can enjoy Seoul trip and communicate with your hosts in Chinese!



Bukchonmaru Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

It is located at central Seoul, called Bukchon Hanok Village! Whenever you want to go, you just go out and walk a little bit, then you can get many famous places in Seoul, such as Gyeong-bok Palace, Myeong-dong, Changdeok Palace, etc.

The host provides Korean style breakfast every day, the host’s mom makes her own sauces like “gochoojiang”, “deon-jiang”, so you can taste traditional, original Korean Kim-chi.

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K-POP RESIDENCE @Myeong-dong, Seoul

Located in the heart of tour, shopping and business of Korea, MYEONG-DONG, K-POP residence will do provide tourists & business persons a cozy and comfortable place to rest.

Surroundings: Noon-Square, M store, Lotte Department Store, Myeong-dong Art Theater. All of these are 5minutes walk from the residence. There are many other places such as Dongdaemun Market, etc. near the residence. It’s literally full of watchable sights, gourmet, attractions & activities.

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 THE-ZIP Guest House @Gangnam, Seoul (ONLY WOMEN)

Meet seoul &feel the essence of Korea’s Garosugil! If there is a Soho of New york, there is a Garosugil of Seoul. Being able to see all of Seoul’s trends in one glance, you feel like a trendsetter just by walking through the streets of Garosugil! Join us in our sensible guest house located in the feel good streets of Garosugil.

Meet Guest House, Boutique! Guest house isn’t a facility that just takes care of a traveler’s overmight needs but a Guest house has made an attempt to put together a boutique that combines both Garosugil’s special vibe and mordern interior. In the midst of an unfamilliar and tiring vacation, we hope that you can find a warmth and comfort that only Guest house can provide.

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Eugene Hanok House @Jongno, Seoul

This is EUGENE’S HOUSE, a traditional Korean home. I would like to invite all of you to a sanctuary in the heart of the city where you can breathe in the traditional Korean culture, while enjoying the sunshine in the day and the stars and moon at night.

I was fortunate to live in our neighboring countries, Japan and China, for nine years. By teaching Korean and Korean culture to the students in these countries, I also began to take an interest in foreign cultures. I began to collect porcelain and other cultural items from these countries. If you come to EUGENE’S HOUSE you will have a great opportunity to enjoy various Asian cultures.

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[kozaza stay] Cindy’s B&B @Jongno, Seoul

Want to take time off from crowded, bustling downtown?

Find a getaway in Cindy’s B&B.

Cindy’s B&B welcomes guests who enjoy and know the beauty of fresh air, lush nature, relaxing and sound environment and kickback and relax.



- Cindy’s B&B is located within approx. 5 min. by bus from the center of Seoul

- Easy and direct access to major attractions 6 buses that stop nearby: Myung-dong, Namdaemoon market, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gwanghwamoon, Cheongyechon, The Blue House, City Hall, Seoul Station, and many other places.

2. Safe and acknowledged house

- Cindy’s B&B is located near the Blue House (the executive office of the state) so police are on patrols days and nighs; very safe all the time.

- An approved quality and safe place having a certificate from the KNTO (Korea National Tourism Organization)



1. Surrounded by Seoul’s most iconic mountains (Bukak, Inwang)

- Experience the rural life adjacent to the center of downtown

- A house with views: Simple but splendid Oriental scenery

- Meditative feelings intermingled with nature – the scent of nature, fresh air, and, lush forests

2. Attractions to visit

- Various attractions in the neighborhood (within a walking distance): picturesque trails, cafes, restaurants, museums, historic sites, galleries, etc. (refer to: http://blog.naver.com/seoulbnb)



1. Indoor

- Architectural soft interior, with modern furniture

- Cozy, clean, soft, fluffy bed-linens

2. Outdoor

- Nicely arranged garden

- Oriental gazebo where you can enjoy BBQ, wine, tea stars, fresh air, and the local scenery

3. Service (AMENITIES)

- Free pick-up service from the subway station (Gyeongbokgung st.)

- Free breakfast: nicely and sincerely prepared breakfast (9am ~ 10am)

- Free guide service (prior consultation required): Seoul tour information given








Living Room



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