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Stay in Hanok, The Essence of Korean Culture

Story of Hanokstay

Fascinated by ‘Hanok’

What comes up to mind when you think of ‘Hanok’? Traditional Koreantile-roofed houses? Or perhaps a thatched-roof house? Maybe you think of hanok as a ‘Korean traditional house’?

To think of a hanks implyas a house is a bit unfortunate, as it is Korean identity full of Koreanphilosophy. From the architectural dimension, ‘the combination ofondol* and wooden floors’, as well as hank’s pro-natural material, makehanok the essence of Korean culture.
*(Ondol: Korean floor heating system where the floor becomes warm)

Rendezvous with curiosity

Unique Experience

Hanokstay. A new and unique experience with a Korean-style house. Hanok is an attractive place for modern people bored with ordinary rectangular-shaped hotels. Hanok is also recommended for tourists who want to experience a unique Korean culture.

A place with unique Korean traditional houses,
people, and culture.

Traditional Culture

Korean housing and people, where there is culture. Experience HanokstayKorean hometown ‘Hanok village’! At one with nature, it is a place with Korean lifestyle and history! There are more than twenty big and small hanok villages evenly distributed throughout Korea.You can truly feel the ancient atmosphere of Korea in a hanok village. BukchonHanok Village, Namsan Hanok Village, and Jeonju Hanok Village are especially popular with tourists. Diverse cultural activities and kind services provided to tourists make these three hanok village seven more attractive.

A place full of value

Healing of Nature

A place full of value – ‘Hanokstay’ is special.A place that revives the tired souls of modern people from crowded cities, a place to sip tea and look back, a place where one can experience unique ‘healing’, this is Hanokstay.

Families, couples, businessmen, and celebrities, it is a place where anyone can truly relax and spend valuable time.


Traditional Korean
clothing (Hanbok) food (Hansik) housing (Hanok)

‘Hanokstay’ is Fun.

A Hanokstay’ results in lifelong memories of experiencing the Korean charm and participating in diverse cultural activities.
You can take part in many Korean traditional activities such as dressing up in hanbok, making kimchi /Korean food, doing calligraphy, having tea ceremony, making dackjongie dolls, experiencing Korean traditional music, and Korean lacquer.