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[kozaza stay/Bukchon] YeonWoo House Hanokstay

YeonWoo House Hanokstay is simple yet warm and cozy for all our guests. This house has all the amenities that guests want. This house has been in the host’s family for several generations. The host’s grandmother used to plant vegetables here for a very long time. This house is very well known among bloggers. You can come here to learn calligraphy and make memories to treasure forever. And also you can have a Korean style breakfast for free.


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[kozaza stay/Bukchon] Moon GuestHouse Hanokstay

Moon Guesthouse comprises the main building, Unhyeongdang, and the outbuilding (Byeolchae). Unhyendang has a large yard, living area, kitchen, five rooms. Every room is equipped with modern A/C, to offer the most pleasant environment no matter the time of year. The central door can opened to combine two bedrooms with the living room, creating a large conference space. This conference space measures 4m*10m, ideal for many events and workshops. When renting the space for conference, we provide a 47inch TV and internet connection. The outbuilding (Byeolchae) has a separate yard, main gate, three rooms, a living room, and two bathrooms, making it ideal for a family vacation. The rooms in the outbuilding (Byeolchae) are also air-conditioned.



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Hanokstays with inside view

As an authorized agency of Google Business View, kozaza features selected properties including Hanok, Korean traditional house, and guest houses. Here are several Hanoks featured. You can take look inside of them on the web. However, you can navigate their inside views using Google Map App on your smart phone.  Enjoy and book them at http://kozaza.com.

[ Rak Ko Jae ]

Experiencing the elegance of Korean culture!

Rakkojae is a very famous Korean traditional culture space with a history of 130 years. Rakkojae was renovated by Human National Treasure – Master Carpenter CHUNG Young-Jin. The harmony of hanok traditional tiles, fence, pavilion, chimney, soy jar stands, pine trees, and blue sky, make the true beauty of hanok shine. As a place to enjoy the true elegance of Korean traditional culture, one can participate in various activities to truly experience the traditional beauty of Korea.


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[ Manhaedang ]

Situated in the historic Bukchon neighborhood in Seoul, Korea, Manaedang takes its name after the respected Buddhist monk, writer and Korean independence movement activist Manae Han Yongwoon, who occupied this house during the Japanese colonial period. Here, Manae founded the Buddhist magazine, “Yusim.” In recognition of this historic fact, the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea registered this place as a Modern Cultural Heritage Site in 2003. Now, this historic house opens its doors to guests who wish to experience Korean traditional life. In this adorable tiled-roof house and quaint neighborhood lined with traditional Korean houses (Hanok), glimpse the old Korea of the bygone era.


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[ Gaonjae ]

Gaonjae is located in the center of Bukchon, the meaning of the name is actually ‘a house located in the center’. 10 min walk from gate no. 2 of Anguk station, Gaonjae is also easy to access. Enjoy the harmonic life with nature in a quiet and spacious garden in Gaonjae.


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[ Hueahn Hanok Guesthouse ]

Hueahn Guesthouse is one of the famous korean traditional houses in Bukchon, Seoul. You can feel beauty of Korean culture in a central pillar made of old wood from Mt. Baekdu, doors decorated with mother-of–pearl, and various lacquer decors. While your stay, we provide you with a special opportunity to experience Korean Urushi(vanishing with traditional lacquer )and hand craft with mother-of-pearl. We also provide comfort bedding made of natural material.


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