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[kozaza stay] Chiwoonjung Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Bukchon is surrounded by Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo Shrine. It is a classic residence area in Seoul where hanok (traditional Korean house) is concentrated with many historical landmarks, and cultural properties, it is also refer as street museum in.
Chiwoonjung, located in Bukchon Gahwa-dong, is also between Gyenbok Palace and Changgyeong Palace. The name Chiwoonjung is the name of pavilion which Kings stopped by during their road to palace.
High ranking officers and noble families also found this place to flourish politics, culture and art. It was the epicenter of Joseon Dynasty’s 500-year-old history.
As we entered to modern era, the place fainted from our memory. Lee Sook Hee, current owner who also runs prestigious Korean restaurant Durae for 25 years, carried on extensive renovation.
The renovation aimed for not only having modern taste comfortableness, but also bridging the 500-year-old Joseon Dynasty with modern times. Since modern appliances are mostly hidden, visitors can feel better Korean traditional beauty and taste than regular hanok, as well as same convenience of top class hotels.
Chiwoonjung is where 600 year-old-history lives. We are ready to add your precious time on that history with sincerity and pleasure.

Address: Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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Room 1. An_Bang (Main Room)

0304It is connected to a small garden and an upper floor. Our most spacious guestroom, it allows our guests to experience the beauty and charm of Korea’s beautiful traditional amenities, including wooden furniture and handicrafts.

Area: 43.4sqm

Composition: Bedroom, Antechamber, Bathroom

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Room 2. Daechungbang (Main Floored Room)

0506This room is part of the Main House, along with the Anbang. Looking out from its bedroom, you will be overcome by the stunning views of Bukchon village and its traditional Koreanstyle houses. Like the Anbang, it is connected to a small garden and an upper floor.

Area: 54.5sqm
Composition: Bedroom, Antechamber, Bathroom

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Room 3. Sarangcha (Detached House)


A seperate area with a small space that can be used as a teahouse, this part of Chiwoonjung consist of a series of indivisual buildings. It combines the functionality of contemporary accessories with a traditional Korean-style house structure.

Area: 37.7sqm
Composition: Bedroom, Antechamber, Upper Floor, Bathroom

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Room 4. Byeoldangchae (Auxiliary House)

0910This facility is seperated from the other guestrooms by a beautiful garden. You can watch the seasons change while marveling at the calssical grace and dignity of Chiwoonjung.

Area: 20.5sqm
Composition: Bedroom, Antechamber, Bathroom

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11▲ Service: Aroma Bath
Chi Woon Jung’s bathtubs and picturesque gardens offer visitors the ultimate in rest and relaxation, offering them an ideal chance to commune with nature.


12▲ Service: Dry Sauna
Designed with red clay, the floor and outer walls are built with red redar.


13▲ Service: Dining
Chi Woon Jung’s dishes are made by the chef of the Korean restautant ‘Durae’. ‘Durae’ is internationally acclaimed by Wall Street, Asahi TV, Fuji TV, and is a recognized Korean restaurant that provides the freshest traditional Korean foods.


14▲ Service: Culture Events
Chi Woon Jung offers you a chance to savor a taste of the best of Korea.


15▲ Service: Room Service
Breakfast, Dinner / Providing traditional robe / fresh bedding (morning and evening) / tea service (morning and evening)







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[kozaza stay] Rakkojae Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Experiencing the elegance of Korean culture

Rakkojae is a very famous Korean traditional culture space with a history of 130 years. Rakkojae was renovated by Human National Treasure – Master Carpenter CHUNG Young-Jin. The harmony of hanok traditional tiles, fence, pavilion, chimney, soy jar stands, pine trees, and blue sky, make the true beauty of hanok shine. As a place to enjoy the true elegance of Korean traditional culture, one can participate in various activities to truly experience the traditional beauty of Korea. One savor a traditional Korean course meal, experience a tea ceremony, relax in jjimjilbang (yellow-mud sauna), try on hanbok (Korean traditional clothes), and make kimchi. Reminiscent of an aristocratic house of the Josun Dynasty, Rakkojae’s accommodations are as tidy and comfortable as high-end hotels. The natural jade ondol floor and yellow-mud sauna heated with firewood offer foreign visitors a unique and healthy accommodation experience. We are confident that a night at Rakkojae will create unforgettable memories.

Address: Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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Room 1. Anbang (Master Bedroom)


Not only does Rakkojae’s master bedroom deliver love and bond to guests but the entire floor is made of natural jade in consideration of the guest’s health.

Price: $241 /per night

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Room 2. Gunnunbang (Far Bedroom)


The far bedroom is where you can experience the bamboo like proper elegance of scholars for the Chosun Dynasty.

Price: $241 /per night

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Room 3. Jungjabang (Patio&Patio Room)


This is where you can truly feel the harmony of nature and the style of ancient scholars.

Price: $241 /per night

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Room 4. Byeolchae (Separate House)


Preserving the “ㄷ” shape “hanok” design built 60 years ago, the living room is designed to accommodate the comforts of modern life. It is available for use as lodging for large groups or as a dining room.

Price: $433 /per night

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* Service (Complimentary)

- Dinner Service: Rakkojae provides a traditional Korean course menu featuring fresh and local ingredients.

- Breakfast Service: Several options are available for breakfast. The Korean option consists of a porridge menu or a breakfast course menu. While the continental breakfast is a selection of coffee, juice, pastries, eggs, bacon and fruits.

- Tea Ceremony: you can cultivate an understanding of Korean culture and achieve peace of mind through a traditional Korean tea ceremony experience.

- Laundry Service: Rakkojae provides complimentary laundry service for your convenience.



* Service (For a fee / Reservations requested)

- Natural Mud Sauna: Infared emissions from the naturl mud will relieve bodily tension and help create comfort and peace of mind.

- Pansori, Kayakeum Performance: Experience the true traditional culture of Korea through the sounds the Kayakeum and the voice of a Pansori performer resonating throughout the hanbok. (Only 1 Kayakeum performer: 200,000 KRW / 1 Kayakeum performer and 1 Pansori expert: 500,000KRW)

- Kimchee Making Experience: Learn how to make Korean Kimchee firsthand, which is recognized worldwide for its outstanding taste unparalleled nutrition (40,000 KRW)

- Royal Hanbok Experience: You can feel the beauty of Hanbok while wearing the royal garments that the Kings and Queens of the Chosun Dynasty wore.


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[kozaza stay/Seoul] Woorijib Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Woorijib was established as part of a village cultural experience program, through which foreigners can learn the history and culture of Bukchon Hanok Village, and experience the beauty of hanoks.

The overall layout is an open square form. The Sarangchae and Byeolchae are joined together, while the Anchae is located several steps above the ground. The Byeolchae sits right inside the main gate, and has a single room. It is the only house in the village that has preserved its traditional furnace and floor heating system. The hanok also has a well-preserved traditional garden.


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[kozaza stay/Seoul] Bukchonmaru Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

It is located at central Seoul, called Bukchon Hanok Village! Whenever you want to go, you just go out and walk a little bit, then you can get many famous places in Seoul, such as Gyeong-bok Palace, Myeong-dong, Changdeok Palace, etc.

The host provides Korean style breakfast every day, the host’s mom makes her own sauces like “gochoojiang”, “deon-jiang”, so you can taste traditional, original Korean Kim-chi.

Moreover, as a Korean traditional house, Hanok, you can see beautiful scenery of central Seoul, because it is on top of the hill. So you can enjoy fantastic Seoul nightseeing as well as unusual awesome experience in Hanok.


You can book Bukchonmaru HERE at kozaza


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[kozaza stay/Bukchon] KunDaeMunJip Hanokstay

A place to feel the tranquil landscape and peaceful lifestyle
With a history of 70 years, Kundaemunjip is a hanok cultural experience site in the heart of the city. It is located in BukchonHanok Village, where there is a harmony of Seoul’s past and the present. Kundaemunjip is a place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the tranquil atmosphere felt by our ancient ancestors. Escape from hectic routine of modern days and enjoy a moment of peace and freedom.


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[kozaza stay/Seoul] Mumum Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

During the Chosun Dynasty, the elite aristocratic class resided here in Bukchon. We are proud to say that our hanok, MuMum is located in the heart of Bukchon, surrounded by the traditional Korean atmosphere. Hanoks have been famous for harmonizing nature and simplicity to create and neat living experience. DaeSung Kim, a master carpenter, has noted that beauty of our hanok. Stay at MuMum for a cozy, comfortable experience!


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[kozaza stay/seoul] Namhyundang Hanokstay

Namhyundang is conveniently located in the neighborhood of Gyeongun-dong, right across from the traditional neighborhood of Insadong, in the center of the city. Originally an old hanok (traditional Korean house) stretching back to 100-odd years ago, Namhyeondang underwent a massive renovation in 2011 and reinvented itself as a guest house with rich cultural vibes and a cozy and tranquil atmosphere. Namhyundang is situated adjacent to Kyodong Elementary School, between Nakwon Arcade and Unhyeongung (Palace). As soon as you step into the gate, a spacious courtyard greets you with such a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that makes you feel like time is standing still.


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[kozaza stay/seoul] Seoul Hanokstay Cheongsongjae

The convergence of hanok’s tradition and modern design

Cheongsongjae is one of the most beautiful hanoks. The harmony of traditional and modern style and interior captivates the attention of visitors. It comprised of two hanoks connected into one, where famous architects have lived for generations. One hanok is used exclusively for guests. The other hanok is home to the owner, but the living room, kitchen, and projection room are shared with the guests.

This hanok is equipped with high-end furniture, interior accessories, tableware, and home appliances. One can watch movies at the basement movie theatre with the best sound system. Enjoy the unique blend of hanok’s tradition and modern lifestyle at Cheongsongjae.


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