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[kozaza stay] CheongYeonJae Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

‘Clear and clean, so no more important a good relationship means “blue series with (淸 缘 斋)” is While preserving the beauty of traditional history of 100 years, Addition to the convenience and sophistication meets era boutique hanok hotel renovations.
Address: Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul




Room 101. Daon


‘Room 101 daon’ is a series of blue doors and a separate outbuilding as you have a small garden.
Mining is good for a lot of oversized windows, looking out the window of a small garden, this charming room. Outbuilding as a separate entrance, small yard, one large room, one small room, an indoor toilet. Spacious and comfortable interior space of the family unit, or 3 or more travelers recommend. Also consists of a cottage, the relative advantages of guaranteed privacy.
Daon is ‘all good things comes the’ net is Korean. This room has a traditional feel to it embraces the spirit of the world like a great special compartments. Now in front of me You want a good job in the bright blue aura-filled space that series.

You can book CheongYeonJae Daon HERE at kozaza



Room 102. Coming

0506‘Room 102 coming “series, the home of the Agency, Meoreum oversized panoramic windows over the garden room with elegant scenery is beautiful.
Also wiped down the years, soft and modern atmosphere with antique furniture streets directed this room, Compelling blend of the East and the West is an attractive room.
Daecheongdo were located to the left, in the room was equipped private bathroom. The size of the room is spacious, and very comfortable to stay at 2 stay, and Room to accommodate up to 4 people. Spacious and comfortable interior space travelers recommend 2-3.
To pray for your longevity The series full of healthy energy is Office Space.

You can book CheongYeonJae Coming HERE at kozaza



Room 103. Genie

0708‘Room 103 Genie’ is a series of geonneonbang of blue, The interior feels cozy, charmingly happy spirit is felt in the props.
Cute props and a warm bed of newlywed wives Hanbok is the same color, Best feature of the room warmth, comfort, pampered adds a warm and mild.
Were located on the basis of the right of Daecheongdo, dry cleaning and a private bathroom in the room. The room dimensions are usually, and 2 can stay comfortably stay Room to accommodate up to 4 people.
2 as a warm and cozy space travelers recommend women or couples.
‘Genie’ is ‘all the blessings jinyeotda’ the It is pure Korean.
Now you expect me luck in front The series full of happy energy is Office Space.

You can book CheongYeonJae Genie HERE at kozaza



Room 104. City

0910‘Room 104 City’ series, in the middle of the room with blue, Cool, I’m cool side yard muntin between stylish oversized incoming inquiries, This charming room with sunlight and wind.
South-facing house is located in the middle of the day light is best. And when you open the door and look pretty in the garden, Adam, Solsol fresh blows the aura of nature.
The hot sun, cool breeze, beautiful flowers and trees together in a room, Nature lovers, or who need healing strongly recommend it.
Equipped with a private bathroom in the room. The size of the room is spacious and very comfortable to stay 2 can stay. Room to accommodate up to 4 people. Guests traveling by 2-3 wide and comfortable space, Recommended for families with children 3 boxes.
Desire to heal and Exhibition Centre exhausting day. The series full of clear blue aura space.

You can book CheongYeonJae City HERE at kozaza






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