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[kozaza stay] Pine Suite Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

There is true healing of “space heling through Hanok” and quiet and peaceful garden of Changdeok Palace in the Pine suite. The pine suites which is the pine tree house where you can experience Hanok and overlooks Changdeok Palace in Bukchon, Seoul has been built by a space designer, Gyeong Soo Kim for Hanok experience. Since the appearance of Hanok is combined with antique furniture and vintage furniture, this is the cozy and beautiful hanok where you can feel the beauty and modernity of Hanok.


panorama view


Room For Double


Suite Room


Living Room in Suite Room


Bath Room

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[kozaza stay] Bukchon Hanok Guesthouse @Bukchon, Seoul

Bukchon Guesthouse is designed for travelers who want to have an experience of Korean Traditional-style house. When you enter through the main gate, you will find a small yard and the guest units, which are situated in a square around the yard. There is a narrow wooden hallway in front of the rooms, so one can easily move between the rooms. The traditional doors are covered with hanji, or Korean paper, and the nature-friendly interior of the rooms features red clay walls and heated floors. Guest rooms are located on all sides of the rectangular-shaped courtyard. The low-lying stone wall allows guests privacy while maintaining the traditional flavor of the hanok.


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[kozaza stay] Doo Hanok Guesthouse @Bukchon, Seoul

Whether you’re a tourist or traveling on business, Doo Guesthouse is a great choice for accommodation when visiting Seoul. The city center is merely 3 km away and the airport can be reached within minutes. Also within easy reach are Chicken Art Museum, Bukchon Museum, Chang Duk Goong Palace.

Doo Hanok Guesthouse is committed to ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible. For the comfort and convenience of guests, it offers tours, room service, Wi-Fi in public areas, laundry service, meeting facilities.


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[kozaza stay] Hanok Guesthouse 201 @Bukchon, Seoul

Guest House 201 is located in Bukchon Hanok Village in the Gahoe-dong neighborhood of Jongno-gu, which was once the center of ancient Seoul. This traditional hanok (Korean-style house) sits close to the starting point of the path along the Eight Scenic Views of the village, and serves the various needs of its visitors, providing them with assistance with travel, corporate workshops and seminars. Offering a homey atmosphere under its motto of “Travelers First,” this friendly house is fitted with a kitchen that’s open 24/7, and includes the free use of a washing machine, a small garden, and an outdoor seating area.There is a vegetable garden on the rooftop during the summer, part of a common and nature-oriented lifestyle in the center of the city.

The house is conveniently located close to some of Seoul’s top tourist attractions including Samcheong-dong, Insa-dong, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and Gwanghwamun Gate. The host, who traveled around the world for many years, is dedicated to providing a place for the exchange of information and assistance for visitors to Seoul and Bukchon Hanok Village. The house offers foreign visitors a chance to try patbingsu (shaved ice with sweetened red beans and other toppings) during the summer or to make kimchi jeon (kimchi pancake) and enjoy it with a few glasses of makgeolli (rice wine) during the spring and autumn.


Family Room


Double Room 1


Double Room 2





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[kozaza stay] Hyosundang Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Hyosundang Hanokstay is comprised of the anchae (the main building of a house), the bakkatchae (outer quarters), a haengrangchae (an annex), a byeolchae (a separated building) and a Sadang (a shrine); however, it has been restored a few times.
Located in Anguk, hyosundang, is the birthplace of Yun Bosum. The main house is a newly renovated, very relaxing and quiets. Although renovated with the comforts of modern technology, our hanok still retains it’s traditional feeling and is very well preserved. All guests have access to a small comfortable yard. Hyosundang will give you an excellent Hanok experience.

1 Garden


2Main House Room C

Main House Room C

3Byeolchae Room B

Byeolchae Room B

4Byeolchae Room A)

Byeolchae Room A

5Anchae Room A

Anchae Room A

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[kozaza stay/Seoul] Todaki Hanok Guesthouse @Bukchon, Seoul

Todaki hanok guesthouse is situated next to one of the finest high schools, Joongang high school, in central Seoul, which was a setting of a famous Korean drama, ‘Winter Sonata’. Todaki Korean traditional house is newly decorated. We are proud of the tranquility and comfortable atmosphere of Todaki. The rooms and bathrooms are clean and neat. The house has its own beauty and convenience each season, especially the sunshine that keeps the house bright, and luxurious doors which will make the rooms warm during the winter.

* Guidelines and Service
- Free breakfast and bottled water
- Free internet


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[kozaza picks/hanokstay] Hanokstays with Parents in the Parents’ Day


May 8th is the Parents’ Day in Korea, so kozaza picks luxury hanokstays for your parents. How about have a good day with your father and mother in Korean traditional house, hanok.



Cheongsongjae Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Cheongsongjae is one of the most beautiful hanoks. The harmony of traditional and modern style and interior captivates the attention of visitors. It comprised of two hanoks connected into one, where famous architects have lived for generations. One hanok is used exclusively for guests. The other hanok is home to the owner, but the living room, kitchen, and projection room are shared with the guests.


Cheongsongjae Living Room


Room of Cheongsongjae: 2rooms+living room


movie theatre

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Rakkojae Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Rakkojae is a very famous Korean traditional culture space with a history of 130 years. Rakkojae was renovated by Human National Treasure – Master Carpenter CHUNG Young-Jin. The harmony of hanok traditional tiles, fence, pavilion, chimney, soy jar stands, pine trees, and blue sky, make the true beauty of hanok shine.


Panoramic view of Rakkojae


Room of Rakkojae: Gunnunbang (Far Bedroom)


Room of Rakkojae: Jungjabang(Patio)

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Inside view >>



Haeinjung Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Haeinjung is a Korean traditional house, which is 200 years old. It is located in the center of the hanok village, a perfect spot to experience Korean culture and traidition. The name of the guesthouse means ‘Sharing happiness with people together’, and the crew of the guesthouse also wish to do the same with every guest visiting Haeinjung. Spend a quality time of your life here with us and build unforgettable memories.


Haeinjung Garden


Room of Haeinjung: Gold Room


Haeinjung Living Room

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Inside view >>


CheongYeonJae Hanokstay

‘Clear and clean, so no more important a good relationship means “blue series with” is While preserving the beauty of traditional history of 100 years, Addition to the convenience and sophistication meets era boutique hanok hotel renovations.


CheongYeonJae Garden


“Daon” Room of CheongYeonJae


“City” Room of CheongYeonJae

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[kozaza picks/hanokstay] Hanokstays with Family in May, the National Family Month

kozazaMay is the national family month. So kozaza picks some hanokstays for family.



Soriwool Hanokstay @Bukchon


Experience traditional Korean culture while staying at Soriwool. It is located across the National Folk Museum of Korea. Soriwool guesthouse provides not only rooms but also experiencing traditional Korean music. There is a wide selection of traditional Korean musical instruments that guests can learn and play. Guests can take Classes on Korean manners, and pottery making, and can try on Hanbok(Korean traditional clothing). Though Soriwool keeps very traditional atmosphere, the rooms are renovated with modern technologies for the convenience of the guests. All rooms are air conditioned and toiletries are readily available. Soriwool is also located near several tourist hotspots and shopping centers, in Jongro district.

* Activities
- Korean traditional music: Geomungo, Gayageum, Haegeum, Daegeum, Piri are available to try out and to appreciate the performance (3-6p.m.)
- Hanbok dressing up and Korean manners class: Traditional way to bow, tea ceremony (20,000 KRW)
- One day class for pottery making: (25,000 KRW)
- woman’s traditional crafting class: (30,000 KRW)

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Moon Hanok Guest House @Bukchon

kozaza4kozaza5kozaza6Moon Guesthouse comprises the main building, Unhyeongdang, and the outbuilding (Byeolchae). Unhyendang has a large yard, living area, kitchen, five rooms. Every room is equipped with modern A/C, to offer the most pleasant environment no matter the time of year. The central door can opened to combine two bedrooms with the living room, creating a large conference space. This conference space measures 4m*10m, ideal for many events and workshops. When renting the space for conference, we provide a 47inch TV and internet connection. The outbuilding (Byeolchae) has a separate yard, main gate, three rooms, a living room, and two bathrooms, making it ideal for a family vacation. The rooms in the outbuilding (Byeolchae) are also air-conditioned.

* Activities
- Traditional Tea Ceremony
- Try on Hanbok
- Folk Drawing on a Woodblock Print
- Making Kimchi

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Vine House Hanokstay @Bukchon

kozaza7kozaza8kozaza9Vinehouse is Korea traditional house, Hanok, located right next to Gyeongbokgung Station. It has 3 rooms, private 3 baths and wide daecheong floor(living room). It is perfect for a family gathering, school reunion.

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Sopoong Hanok Guest House 

kozaza10kozaza11kozaza12Sopoong is a Hanok (traditional Korean house) guest house and is located right in the heart of a very famous tourist attraction – Bookchon, a 600 year-old village between two main palaces.

Where you stay is part of your journey. Sopoong means a picnic in Korean. It is where you may share and enjoy culture, history and friendship. Sopoong is for those people who know how to appreciate such values!

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[kozaza stay] CheongYeonJae Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

‘Clear and clean, so no more important a good relationship means “blue series with (淸 缘 斋)” is While preserving the beauty of traditional history of 100 years, Addition to the convenience and sophistication meets era boutique hanok hotel renovations.
Address: Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul




Room 101. Daon


‘Room 101 daon’ is a series of blue doors and a separate outbuilding as you have a small garden.
Mining is good for a lot of oversized windows, looking out the window of a small garden, this charming room. Outbuilding as a separate entrance, small yard, one large room, one small room, an indoor toilet. Spacious and comfortable interior space of the family unit, or 3 or more travelers recommend. Also consists of a cottage, the relative advantages of guaranteed privacy.
Daon is ‘all good things comes the’ net is Korean. This room has a traditional feel to it embraces the spirit of the world like a great special compartments. Now in front of me You want a good job in the bright blue aura-filled space that series.

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Room 102. Coming

0506‘Room 102 coming “series, the home of the Agency, Meoreum oversized panoramic windows over the garden room with elegant scenery is beautiful.
Also wiped down the years, soft and modern atmosphere with antique furniture streets directed this room, Compelling blend of the East and the West is an attractive room.
Daecheongdo were located to the left, in the room was equipped private bathroom. The size of the room is spacious, and very comfortable to stay at 2 stay, and Room to accommodate up to 4 people. Spacious and comfortable interior space travelers recommend 2-3.
To pray for your longevity The series full of healthy energy is Office Space.

You can book CheongYeonJae Coming HERE at kozaza



Room 103. Genie

0708‘Room 103 Genie’ is a series of geonneonbang of blue, The interior feels cozy, charmingly happy spirit is felt in the props.
Cute props and a warm bed of newlywed wives Hanbok is the same color, Best feature of the room warmth, comfort, pampered adds a warm and mild.
Were located on the basis of the right of Daecheongdo, dry cleaning and a private bathroom in the room. The room dimensions are usually, and 2 can stay comfortably stay Room to accommodate up to 4 people.
2 as a warm and cozy space travelers recommend women or couples.
‘Genie’ is ‘all the blessings jinyeotda’ the It is pure Korean.
Now you expect me luck in front The series full of happy energy is Office Space.

You can book CheongYeonJae Genie HERE at kozaza



Room 104. City

0910‘Room 104 City’ series, in the middle of the room with blue, Cool, I’m cool side yard muntin between stylish oversized incoming inquiries, This charming room with sunlight and wind.
South-facing house is located in the middle of the day light is best. And when you open the door and look pretty in the garden, Adam, Solsol fresh blows the aura of nature.
The hot sun, cool breeze, beautiful flowers and trees together in a room, Nature lovers, or who need healing strongly recommend it.
Equipped with a private bathroom in the room. The size of the room is spacious and very comfortable to stay 2 can stay. Room to accommodate up to 4 people. Guests traveling by 2-3 wide and comfortable space, Recommended for families with children 3 boxes.
Desire to heal and Exhibition Centre exhausting day. The series full of clear blue aura space.

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