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[kozaza stay] Hyosundang Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Hyosundang Hanokstay is comprised of the anchae (the main building of a house), the bakkatchae (outer quarters), a haengrangchae (an annex), a byeolchae (a separated building) and a Sadang (a shrine); however, it has been restored a few times.
Located in Anguk, hyosundang, is the birthplace of Yun Bosum. The main house is a newly renovated, very relaxing and quiets. Although renovated with the comforts of modern technology, our hanok still retains it’s traditional feeling and is very well preserved. All guests have access to a small comfortable yard. Hyosundang will give you an excellent Hanok experience.

1 Garden


2Main House Room C

Main House Room C

3Byeolchae Room B

Byeolchae Room B

4Byeolchae Room A)

Byeolchae Room A

5Anchae Room A

Anchae Room A

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Stay in Hanok, The Essence of Korean Culture

Story of Hanokstay

Fascinated by ‘Hanok’

What comes up to mind when you think of ‘Hanok’? Traditional Koreantile-roofed houses? Or perhaps a thatched-roof house? Maybe you think of hanok as a ‘Korean traditional house’?

To think of a hanks implyas a house is a bit unfortunate, as it is Korean identity full of Koreanphilosophy. From the architectural dimension, ‘the combination ofondol* and wooden floors’, as well as hank’s pro-natural material, makehanok the essence of Korean culture.
*(Ondol: Korean floor heating system where the floor becomes warm)

Rendezvous with curiosity

Unique Experience

Hanokstay. A new and unique experience with a Korean-style house. Hanok is an attractive place for modern people bored with ordinary rectangular-shaped hotels. Hanok is also recommended for tourists who want to experience a unique Korean culture.

A place with unique Korean traditional houses,
people, and culture.

Traditional Culture

Korean housing and people, where there is culture. Experience HanokstayKorean hometown ‘Hanok village’! At one with nature, it is a place with Korean lifestyle and history! There are more than twenty big and small hanok villages evenly distributed throughout Korea.You can truly feel the ancient atmosphere of Korea in a hanok village. BukchonHanok Village, Namsan Hanok Village, and Jeonju Hanok Village are especially popular with tourists. Diverse cultural activities and kind services provided to tourists make these three hanok village seven more attractive.

A place full of value

Healing of Nature

A place full of value – ‘Hanokstay’ is special.A place that revives the tired souls of modern people from crowded cities, a place to sip tea and look back, a place where one can experience unique ‘healing’, this is Hanokstay.

Families, couples, businessmen, and celebrities, it is a place where anyone can truly relax and spend valuable time.


Traditional Korean
clothing (Hanbok) food (Hansik) housing (Hanok)

‘Hanokstay’ is Fun.

A Hanokstay’ results in lifelong memories of experiencing the Korean charm and participating in diverse cultural activities.
You can take part in many Korean traditional activities such as dressing up in hanbok, making kimchi /Korean food, doing calligraphy, having tea ceremony, making dackjongie dolls, experiencing Korean traditional music, and Korean lacquer.

Hanok, Hanok Village, local, seoul

Bukchon Hanok Village Filled with Korea Tradition and Culture

Bukchon Hanok Village Filled with Korea tradition and culture

List of Hanoksatys at Bukchon

Kundaemunjib, with its 70 year-old tradition, cited in the center of Seoul offers a very special place for those who need to take time off from their routine lives.

Mumum, designed by a renowned craftsman, showing off its refined presence,provides homey and calm layover for anyone burned out from daily lives.
Feel joy and excitement at Soriwool full of music every time.Experience various selection of Korean traditional instruments


Bukchon scenery #1: Panoramic view of Changdeok palace
Panoramic view of Changdoek palace seen from beyond stone walls. Walking out from the Bukchon Cultural Center and climbing up Bukchon hill, you will see the beautiful scenery of Changdeok palace.
Blacksmith’s wood-fired pizza restaurant
An Italian oven made from yellow clay to bake pizzas. Taste the wood-fired pizza baked the moment you order.
Calligraphy Experience
Oriental scent of black ink and ink stone. The soft touch of a brush on drawing paper. Enjoy the beauty of letters.
Rice cake cafe Jilsiru is a beautiful place with a friendly atmosphere where one can enjoy Korean rice cake and tea.
Hansik – Make traditional Korean food
Make and enjoy foods that represent Korea! Kimchi, Bulgogi, Japchae, Ddukbokgi (rice cake dish), Bibimbap, and pepper paste.
Bukchon scenery #2 : Wonseo-dong Gongbang-gil
At the end of Changdeok palace stone walls, you will see traces of those who worked for the Royal House.


북촌 관광안내도 Trourist Map of BUKCHON ]
Hanokstay Theme 10 at Bukchon ] [ Hanokstay Luxury 5 at Bukchon ]



List of Hanoksatys at Bukchon

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[kozaza picks] Happy Coming-of-Age Day

Coming of Age Day is held in order to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority (20 years old) over the past year, and to help them realize that they have become adults.
kozaza picks some accommodations to celebrate their happy coming-of-age day.



Irang Hanokstay @Bukchon

Irang is a newly-renovated, Korean traditional house used as an accommodation. Single building with garden on the side, the place is a bit small but very cozy and homey. The guesthouse is located in the northeast part of Bukchon, making it look like less convenient for transportation at first glance, but with the town bus, it is quite convenient to get to the subway station, only about 5 minutes. The neighborhood is very quiet and pleasant, since Changdeokgung is just beside with a number of cafes and galleries. The town is a bit isolated and less visitors come take a look around compared to other parts of Bukchon, Samcheong-dong and Gahoe-dong. Surrounded by trees and mountain, Irang guesthouse provides a quite time in busy center of the city.


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Jeong Stay @Hongdae

Jeong Stay is surrounded by lots of things you can enjoy. It is located near Hongik University, famous for its hot atmosphere of youth and its unsubmerging energy. The host will welcome you with great hospitality, and you will be gifted with precious moments to bring back to your country! With comfortable and cozy places for rest, enjoy Seoul to its greatest!


You can book Jeong Stay HERE at kozaza



Comfortable Duplex Studio @Gangnam

Comfortable Duplex Studio is located at center of Gangnam. The best location for shopping, food, culture, tour and business.


You can book Comfortable Duplex Studio HERE at kozaza




It is located in the Hongdae area. The host travels the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Japan and all over the world. Based on the experience, where you really be here, or to split the experience of travel.


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[kozaza stay/Seoul] Todaki Hanok Guesthouse @Bukchon, Seoul

Todaki hanok guesthouse is situated next to one of the finest high schools, Joongang high school, in central Seoul, which was a setting of a famous Korean drama, ‘Winter Sonata’. Todaki Korean traditional house is newly decorated. We are proud of the tranquility and comfortable atmosphere of Todaki. The rooms and bathrooms are clean and neat. The house has its own beauty and convenience each season, especially the sunshine that keeps the house bright, and luxurious doors which will make the rooms warm during the winter.

* Guidelines and Service
- Free breakfast and bottled water
- Free internet


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[kozaza picks/hanokstay] Hanokstays with Parents in the Parents’ Day


May 8th is the Parents’ Day in Korea, so kozaza picks luxury hanokstays for your parents. How about have a good day with your father and mother in Korean traditional house, hanok.



Cheongsongjae Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Cheongsongjae is one of the most beautiful hanoks. The harmony of traditional and modern style and interior captivates the attention of visitors. It comprised of two hanoks connected into one, where famous architects have lived for generations. One hanok is used exclusively for guests. The other hanok is home to the owner, but the living room, kitchen, and projection room are shared with the guests.


Cheongsongjae Living Room


Room of Cheongsongjae: 2rooms+living room


movie theatre

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Rakkojae Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Rakkojae is a very famous Korean traditional culture space with a history of 130 years. Rakkojae was renovated by Human National Treasure – Master Carpenter CHUNG Young-Jin. The harmony of hanok traditional tiles, fence, pavilion, chimney, soy jar stands, pine trees, and blue sky, make the true beauty of hanok shine.


Panoramic view of Rakkojae


Room of Rakkojae: Gunnunbang (Far Bedroom)


Room of Rakkojae: Jungjabang(Patio)

You can book Rakkojae HERE at kozaza
Inside view >>



Haeinjung Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Haeinjung is a Korean traditional house, which is 200 years old. It is located in the center of the hanok village, a perfect spot to experience Korean culture and traidition. The name of the guesthouse means ‘Sharing happiness with people together’, and the crew of the guesthouse also wish to do the same with every guest visiting Haeinjung. Spend a quality time of your life here with us and build unforgettable memories.


Haeinjung Garden


Room of Haeinjung: Gold Room


Haeinjung Living Room

You can book Haeinjung HERE at kozaza
Inside view >>


CheongYeonJae Hanokstay

‘Clear and clean, so no more important a good relationship means “blue series with” is While preserving the beauty of traditional history of 100 years, Addition to the convenience and sophistication meets era boutique hanok hotel renovations.


CheongYeonJae Garden


“Daon” Room of CheongYeonJae


“City” Room of CheongYeonJae

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[kozaza news] kozaza and SBA make Business agreement


Kozaza and SBA(Seoul Business Agency) make Business agreement.
SBA was established for the purpose of promoting the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) by providing support based on expertise and efficiency and establishing a comprehensive support system encompassing technology, business management and workforce.
kozaza furnish information of Hanokstays for business men in Bukchon, Seoul, and SBA promote the information.

You can see Hanokstays for business men in Bukchon, SBA and Kozaza’s recommendations HERE