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[House in Korea] B&B Chungdam Guest house(Women only) @Gangnam, Seoul

Welcome to Korea Seoul BNB Chungdam Guesthouse. Located in Gangnam the Center of K-pop and Seoul. We provide you safe and recommendable accommodation on budget. Free Wifi and morning buffet included. Relaxing on our rooftop garden that has Seoul Tower view. Modern vintage Café for only BNB Chungdam’s guests. Only 10 minutes away from Gangnam-gu-chung station. The most suitable hotel for traveling Seoul.


Family Residence Room


Deluxe Twin Room


Dining Room & Cafe


Secret Garden


Free Breakfast

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[Asian Games Incheon 2014] Incheon, Gateway to Korea!


17th Asian Games Incheon 2014

In 2014, Incheon will hold the 17th Asian Games. Member athletes of the 45 Olympic Councils of Asia (OCA) will participate. This will be the third Asian Games held in Korea, following the ones in Seoul (1986) and in Busan (2002). A number of stadiums will be built specially for this event, including the main stadium, whose shape will evoke sea waves and wind; the Dream Park stadium, which will be built as an environment-friendly park; and the Ganghwa Stadium, where taekwondo competitions will take place.

- Period: September 19 – October 4, 2014 (for 16 days)

- Venue: Throughout Incheon

- Size: 45 member countries (13,000 athletes and officials, 7,000 media representatives)

- Events: 28 Olympic events, 8 non-Olympic events


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Incheon, Gateway to Korea: Where the sky and the sea are open to the world


Incheon is the second largest port city in Korea. The Incheon Port is where Korea’s modernization began at the end of the 19th century, when it opened to foreign nations for the first time. Incheon is also home to the world’s top-ranked Incheon International Airport. As such, it is a gateway to the capital city of Seoul, and a major transportation gateway in Northeast Asia for destinations worldwide.


Around the historic Incheon Port are China Town, Jayu Park, Wolmido Street of Culture, and the coastal wharf. There are many islands near Incheon, including Ganghwado Island, where there are many ancient historical sites such as Bronze Age dolmens; Yeongjongdo Island, the location of Incheon International Airport; and various other islands where famous Korean movies and dramas were filmed. Recently, Songdo International City is emerging as a new hotspot with skyscrapers filling this Free Economic Zone.


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[House in Korea] Unique Hanok, Cinnamon House @Bukchon, Seoul

Cinnamon Houes is a single building Hanok at Gye-dong, Jongro, Seoul. There are two bedrooms, one kitchen, a toilet, and garden in the center. The two rooms are partitioned by slide door and can be used as one. The place is perfect for a family, or a small group of less than six people.

01 02 03 04 05

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[House in Korea] Cheongchunjae Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

It is located in Gahoe-dong 31, the most scenic place in BukchonHanok Village. The wooden garage draws attention to this petite and special hanokstay. Inspired by the high-end hanoks of the aristocratic class, Cheonchunjae is comprised of small indoors area with traditional flooring and loft, along with modern kitchen and washroom. Cheonchunjae is run by an owner who is very passionate about preservation and development of hanoks. The visitors can have a tour of Simsim-heon which is operated by the owner of Cheonchunjae. This will be a special experience especially for those looking for a place to taste traditional afternoon tea.



High-end hanok with a blend of traditional and modern interior structure
Fully-equipped cooking facilities
Parking available
Rental available for business meetings: available hours 9am-6pm, 400,000won/day, 50,000won/hour
Kitchen, loft, living room, master bedroom, modern washroom, garden



Tea ceremony experience (tour of Simsim-heon: KRW 10,000per person)



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[kozaza picks] Bukchon Hanokstays in kozaza postcards

kozaza and Seoul Sketcher had “Hanok drawing” event, the amateur artists drawing depictions of Hanok, which are made into postcards. These postcards are sold at Bukchon Traditional Culture Center.

Today, kozaza picks some Bukchon Hanokstays in kozaza postcards. Find the hanokstay and check it with painting.



Unique Hanok, Cinnamon House @Bukchon, Seoul

Cinnamon Houes is a single building Hanok at Buchon. There are two bedrooms, one kitchen, a toilet, and garden in the center. The two rooms are partitioned by slide door and can be used as one. The place is perfect for a family, or a small group of less than six people.

kozaza1 kozaza2 kozaza3

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Dahmsojung Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Welcome to DahmSoJung, Korean traditional guest house in Buckchon Hanok Village, Seoul. Make unforgettable memories with your family, friends, and lovers and enjoy Korean traditional lifestyle in our cozy and modernized guest house.

We are preparing various kinds of programs to provide you exciting experience; making Kimchi, making Korean traditional painting, making Korean traditional tea. We would do our best for you to experience Korean traditional culture and lifestyle.

kozaza4 kozaza5 kozaza6

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Inside View >>


Irang Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Irang Guesthouse is a newly-renovated, Korean traditional house used as an accommodation. Single building with garden on the side, the place is a bit small but very cozy and homey. The guesthouse is located in the northeast part of Bukchon, making it look like less convenient for transportation at first glance, but with the town bus, it is quite convenient to get to the subway station, only about 5 minutes. The neighborhood is very quiet and pleasant, since Changdeokgung is just beside with a number of cafes and galleries. The town is a bit isolated and less visitors come take a look around compared to other parts of Bukchon, Samcheong-dong and Gahoe-dong. Surrounded by trees and mountain, Irang guesthouse provides a quite time in busy center of the city.

kozaza7 kozaza8 kozaza9

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Inside View >>


Namhyundang Hanokstay @Bukcho, Seoul

Namhyundang is conveniently located in the neighborhood of Gyeongun-dong, right across from the traditional neighborhood of Insadong, in the center of the city. Originally an old hanok (traditional Korean house) stretching back to 100-odd years ago, Namhyeondang underwent a massive renovation in 2011 and reinvented itself as a guest house with rich cultural vibes and a cozy and tranquil atmosphere. Namhyundang is situated adjacent to Kyodong Elementary School, between Nakwon Arcade and Unhyeongung (Palace). As soon as you step into the gate, a spacious courtyard greets you with such a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that makes you feel like time is standing still.

kozaza10 kozaza11 kozaza12

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[kozaza picks] “My Love from the Star” Special Exhibition: Rooms around DDP

My Love from the Star exhibition will be held from June 10th to August 15th on DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza).
You can watch the house that Do, Min Joon & Cheon, Song I used to live in – Actual film set, enjoy shooting experience (Chroma-Key) in balcony space and more. And It will display 3D video, many photo zones, etc.

So, kozaza picks some accommodations aroud the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)!

More about exhibition >



Citrus homestay @Dongdaemun
Citrus Homestay is filled with delicious fragrance if fresh yuzu. Kim, host of Citrus serves tea to all of her guests, fresh from Jeju Island, her hometown. She not only has prepared this traditional Korean tea to warm up her guests, but also prepared many activities to be engaged with great traditions of Korea.

kozaza1kozaza2kozaza3 You can book Citrus homestay HERE at kozaza



Dongdaemun Homestay @Dongdaemun
Center of Seoul, Near the Dongdaemun. The rooms are clean and comfortable. Modern bathroom and kitchen is hygienic and easy to use. And convenient transportation, close to shopping and special experience.
It is close to Jongno and Kwangwhamoon area, so You can reach Seoul’s major tourist attractions within 20 minutes by subway or bus.

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Co-op Residence @Dongdaemun
A perfect location for shopping and transportation. Co-op Residence has a individual room, living room, kitchen, and toilet. The room is located on the 15th floor, you can see the beautiful night view of Seoul.

kozaza7kozaza8kozaza9 You can book Co-op Residence HERE at kozaza



Mama Guesthouse @Myeongdong
Mama Guest House is an accommodation near Myeongdong, in the center of Seoul. Guests can conveniently enjoy shopping and tourism. Many attractions are accessible by walking. Guest rooms are decorated in Korean style, providing guests with comfortable rests. Terraces attached to the building overlook pretty outdoor scenery.

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[Seoul trip] Korea Drama “My Love from the Star” Special Exhibition

My Love from the Star exhibition will be held from June 10th to August 15th on DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza)

You can watch the house that Do, Min Joon & Cheon, Song I used to live in – Actual film set, enjoy shooting experience(Chroma-Key) in balcony space and more. And It will display 3D video, many photo zones, etc.


View accommodations around DDP >




More about exhibition >



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[kozaza stay] Doo Hanok Guesthouse @Bukchon, Seoul

Whether you’re a tourist or traveling on business, Doo Guesthouse is a great choice for accommodation when visiting Seoul. The city center is merely 3 km away and the airport can be reached within minutes. Also within easy reach are Chicken Art Museum, Bukchon Museum, Chang Duk Goong Palace.

Doo Hanok Guesthouse is committed to ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible. For the comfort and convenience of guests, it offers tours, room service, Wi-Fi in public areas, laundry service, meeting facilities.


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[kozaza picks] The day of a husband and a wife: Two become one


Today is the day of a husband and a wife in Korea!
kozaza picks some accommodations to celebrate their happy day.



Core House @Gangnam

The Core House is the most ideal flat for a couple, but also very suitable for a family or up to 6 adults as a group looking to explore the affluent city in southern part of HAN River, not only for business oriented purpose (even SamSung HQ is located across the street), but also for its entertaining atmosphere like shopping, variety of food culture, club party, etc…..


You can book Core House HERE at kozaza



Comfortable Duplex Studio @Gangnam

Comfortable Duplex Studio is located at center of Gangnam. The best location for shopping, food, culture, tour and business.


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Gwangwhamun Duplex Studio @Jongno

Gwangwhamun Duplex Studio is located at the heart of Seoul, Jongno. It is the best location for tour and shopping! Gyeongbok Palace, Gyeonghee Palace, Seoul Plaza, Insadong, Samcheongdong is 10 minutes away by walk. And you can go to Myeongdong, Namsan Tower, Daehakro by bus or taxi. You can get anything you want in Seoul!


You can book Gwangwhamun Duplex Studio HERE at kozaza



Cheongsongjae Hanokstay @Bukchon, Seoul

Cheongsongjae is one of the most beautiful hanoks. The harmony of traditional and modern style and interior captivates the attention of visitors. It comprised of two hanoks connected into one, where famous architects have lived for generations. One hanok is used exclusively for guests. The other hanok is home to the owner, but the living room, kitchen, and projection room are shared with the guests.


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[kozaza picks/seoul] Seoul accommodations around the place of Lighting Lantern Festival


In tribute to a millennial tradition you are cordially invited to Korea’s annual Lotus Lantern Festival which will definitely lighten your hear and brighten your world.

The festival will kick off on from April 25th to May 11th in Seoul

Organized to celebrate the Buddha’s coming into this world, the month-long Lotus Lantern Festival will pack its most highlighted events into three days on April 25~27.


International Seon Center Templestay @Yangcheon-gu

Templestay is a cultural experience program that enables participants to experience firsthand the 1700 year old Korean Buddhist culture and traditions at a Korean temple. Traditionally templestays are held in the remote Buddhist temples in the mountains surrounded by nature, but the International Seon Center is located within the city, so the benefits of resting your weary body and mind can be achieved closer to home!

kozaza1 kozaza3 kozaza2

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Maple Homestay @Bukchon

Maple Homestay is located in the Bukchon, Seoul. House was fully renovated in a modern design 3 years ago. It is very clean, warm and nice view from top floor garden. I’m sure that you can feel as like you are at home.

kozaza4 kozaza5 kozaza6

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SNUG Studio @Insadong

When visiting Seoul, it’s all about location! It is a cozy, bright and safe studio flat nestled in the heart of Seoul, very close to Insa-dong. You will have your own self-contained space in a central location to rest and relax after a hard day of sightseeing.
kozaza7 kozaza9 kozaza8

You can book SNUG Studio HERE at kozaza



iStay @Gangnam

iStay is located in a convenient area of Gangnam, Seoul. Here you can relax comfortably without any interruption because this house is surrounded by the luxury residential neighborhood. It is on the 2nd floor. There are 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room and a kitchen which is equipped with everything.

kozaza10 kozaza11 kozaza12

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Always Like Home @Gangnam

“Always Like Home” is located in center of Gangnam, Seoul city and surrounded by some of the city’s best tour spots & nightlife and food stalls. Best location (Just 5 min from subway station & airport bus stop), comfortable and clean.

kozaza13 kozaza15 kozaza14

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